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Social Media Marketing is no longer about pushing a product that would show case your potential rather it’s the stories you tell about your brand value that sets you apart from the competition in the social media.

Do you know what you require to be successful on all these social media?
Beautiful and engaging Images/Banners/Flyers/Templates that stand out.

Some of the most popular and powerful media influences for your product marketing are Instagram Pinterest, Tumblr,Tweeter, LinkedIn, and Facebook/page these various platforms are gaining importance also as you post customer engaged images and links that highlights your work accessible to the various audience through this channels.

Also one interesting fact that Pinterest Instagram Tumblr have gained incredible popularity as most of the content post (78.11%) is of the updates posted are images this is because they drive the highest engagement.

Even on established networks like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter images get the highest engagement.


Why would you absolutely need a remarkable introduction on Social Media?

Visuals can also help you get the most out of your book/content/blog posts as posts with images get more social media imprints more shared more re-tweeted liked more on Facebook. Images can also be used to make ads with minimal content enhanced with key words to make a larger impact!

Here’s the relevant example from my  book promotion post!


The applications of good images are endless and would certainly increase your brand and generate increase in sales! On the other hand hiring a designer can cost thousands of dollars a month.

I’m totally dedicated to helping you make the changes and experience the results. I’ve been promoting/ marketing, designing book cover book banners and powerful headliners for those writing their first novel to the Authors who regularly hot the top spot on the Amazon Bestsellers list.

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Transform and build a fortune of prosperity and progress by recode mindset! Do the work that reflects the meaning and impacts others!

A Living Series Promotions!


A living Series promotion is a unique opportunity to explore and experience the positive results.

A living Series promotion uses top quality graphics & effects /Fonts delivering the message /book cover via eye-catching images including powerful headliners ready to leave a remarkable impact on the audiences.



After collating the facts and links ALS designs the relevant Image Banner Template and  the draft is sent for revision.

Once approved it’s regenerated into high-resolution and emailed you.

After the project/order is finalized you pay the order fees amount by secure transfer PayPal.

{Post Promotion Marketing}

Get featured lifetime

Your book promotional Image/Banner/Template  with Amazon links would be highlighted among the others on our Author Gallery page for the visitors thus not only Als help you with book promotion but also displaying the book on our Blog page lifetime as Complementary Marketing free.

That would be another opportunity and advantage to  seek service and advertise with ALS!


1 Choose A Service

Special Corner


Featured services

Special services if required urgent!

Check out Express Delivery

2 Contact Me

3 Provide the required details for the promotion of the book

4 Pay secure transfer fees

          via PayPal

5 The Cover /Design is now yours

Create an Eye catching Headlines that would help your book sale

A great book cover promotion facilitates more insights reorienting sales click.

Activate A living series promotional services let your book be visible to larger audience.

Inderjit Kaur


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